Since initial stage of the company foundation, the company has
concentrated on only lamination die manufacturing business to
accumulate its own technology and manufacture and supply the best
quality die product.


The line produces the best quality E-I lamination, key component of the transformer, by skilled technical staffs in high speed and precision press line.


It's a production line to wind primary coil and secondary coil of
transformer and adjust r.p.m and have automatic counter function.


It's a production line to weld the core with 0.5t thickness and meet the requirement of the buyers. It produces E-I lamination in block and puts primary coil and secondary coil and then weld joint welding bracket of E-I lamination. All of welding processes are automatically done.


The line reinforces the insulation function of the assembled
transformer and impregnates all of the products in vacuum to
remove noise and rust. It includes state-of-the-art automatic
conveyer to transport the products completely and obtain even


It determines whether the impregnated and dried transformer satisfies the requirement of the buyers, and inspects the products and allows only accepted product to be delivered. For example, basic electrical property, withstand voltage and appearance inspection etc.

Quality Control

To assure quality reliability of the transformer, we do incoming inspection of raw materials, patrol inspection in the factory and shipment inspection etc.
We also do reliability and assurance inspection to improve reliability of the finished product.

Technology Department

The department confirms reliability of the products when new products is developed. It also develops raw materials and inspects reliabilty of the existing raw materials and tests for the approval of the product. Laboratory room.


The self developed production system of this company can satisfy diversification requirement of the products in flexible way, and has accomplished highly precise system of every production process from raw material input to the assembly. In addition, the product quality can be assured by our strict quality control system to enjoy good reputation in industrial equipment market in Japan, USA and European countries.
We positively research and develop new technology and materials to accumulate our own improved technology and develop new products.